Before working with Zarah I was noticing that I was hiding and procrastinating the one thing I want most right now which is making a greater impact through my work. As someone that continuously does her own clearing & healing in the Akashic records, I do realize that sometimes we just cannot see our blind spots or what is hidden because we are standing way to close to it. This motivated me to book a shamanic singing session with Zarah.

During the session I felt seen, listened to, and heard. After Zarah ensured that my intention for creation was crystal clear, she began singing for me. This singing moved me deeply, so deeply that my eyes filled up with tears. The whole time Zarah was singing for me felt like a deep cleansing of very old cobwebs, memories of something I only vaguely remember or understand. But these subconscious memories were causing me fear, anxiety, and thinking that I needed to control my environment to be safe. This coping mechanism of control cost me a lot of energy to uphold. So much energy that I did not feel safe to move forward with my heartfelt intention which is to serve more people in their Soul Realignment Power Retrieval Process.

For about 4 days after receiving this session I felt physically tired but also deeply relaxed, deeply tranquil, held and centered. Calm. On the 5th day I began seeing the blind spots of my gift and strength. And how this blind spot had me throttle my power, when looking to serve more clients. Now that I am aware of the blind spot I can stop throttling my power, to attract and serve more. 14 days after Zarah sang to me, my husband received an incredible offer which will ensure his mental & emotional well-being in a new environment. We will be moving to Ottawa, Canada , to live a lifestyle and experience a quality of life much closer to what we value in heart & Soul. Thank you Zarah for the amazing and wondrous work you do in the world!!

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Nadia Shana Krauss