Sacred Sound


What I do

I AM a channel for Sacred Sound … I channel sounds, singing and light language through my voice. I have been doing it for over 20 years now, it has evolved over time. I started out chanting the AUM every day … then all of a sudden more sounds started appearing, and while I experimented with that, I also started channeling light language. (If you want to know the whole story, you can read it here.)

It is possible to create an intention with sound – sing it into existence so to speak -, if the intention comes from your heart and is for your highest good. It is important to work at the intention until it is precise and feels “rounded”. There should be a certain “click” when you speak it out loud, so that you feel and know “this is it – this is what I want to create.” Singing for a vague, unclear intention will create equally vague and unclear manifestations – so it’s not a really good idea. But if all you know at this point is that you want to create some positive change in your life, without being totally clear on what that might be, it’s possible to tune into the highest good for you at this time, and sing for that to manifest.

calligraphy divider goldexample: Resolving a Conflict

The most amazing thing that happened was when I sang for a woman who had a dispute over a piece of land she was sharing with another person. She wanted him out of the contract and he did not want to release his part of it. It was a no-win situation, both parties were hardened in their resolve not to give in. I sang for the highest good of the situation, and that the conflict be released with ease and grace. It was a short singing, only about 7 minutes long, and very peaceful and harmonious. (This is not always the case; sometimes when large blocks have to be broken up or shifted, the sounds that come through are loud and strong … but surprisingly,  this one wasn’t.)

I did not hear from her for a few months. When I saw her again, I asked her what became of it. She beamed and said: “Oh, I had a talk with him that was so beautiful, I was blissfully happy even three days afterwards. We found a solution both of us are happy with and where we don’t have to see each other a lot when we are on the land. And what’s more, I visited the land with both my children (we had not been there together for years), and I feel totally different towards the land itself. Before, it felt hard and austere to me, but now I feel it as very soft and gentle. Everything has shifted completely! I am so happy!” As you can imagine, I was very happy to hear this too.

calligraphy divider goldExample: Connecting with your Soul Family

Another thing that happened was a man who came to me because he thought he had a lot of problems (he had been working with different spiritual teachers and life coaches who had convinced him of that), and I was confused because I thought he was getting along just fine. We agreed to do a singing for more clarity in his life … what happened then, you can read here.:

The thing is, you never know what might happen. I am just the channel for the sounds, it’s the Universe who takes care of everything else. And it depends very much on how open the person is to allow the change. If you can allow a little change, then a little change will happen. If you can allow a lot, a big change may come. (With ease and grace, of course. 😉 )

calligraphy divider goldRecent Developments

Recently while doing Sacred Activations for different people, I have been told by spirit to use sound as well, e.g. tone into the client’s body where the pain was located, which helped to shift it very fast. So it seems that the methods are starting to merge into each other which is a fascinating process. I’m curious to see what else will happen.

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