Sacred Activations

How Sacred Activations came into the world

Tamra Oviatt, the founder of Sacred Activations, originally had no idea that she would one day bring this work into the world. She was working in sales, was making good money and happy with the way her life was going. But again and again she heard her guidance telling her that she should be a healer, although she had never done any healing work. So she learned several healing modalities (Theta Healing® among others), but every time she learned something new, she heard, „This is not what you’re going to be doing. This is just for you to practice.“ She became quite impatient, because the „practicing“ dragged on and on, and there was no sign that she was going to be successful with her healing practice any time soon.

One day when her finances were at an all-time low and she didn’t know how to pay the month’s rent, she yelled at Creator: „If you want me to do this, then go ahead and pay my rent!“ One hour after she had hurled this at him, one of her clients showed up at her door and gave her a 1500$ cheque. Her boyfriend had given her the cheque because his spiritual guidance had told him to send Tamra this money. Such occurrences kept happening, but still there was no sign of lasting professional success.

In 2012, Tamra decided to go to England, because she had been talking to a man via Skype and thought he might her soul mate. So she went to England to meet him in person. As it turned out, he wasn’t her soul mate … but now she was in England, and she didn’t feel as if she wanted to go straight back to the U.S. She asked Creator, „Why am I here?“ and heard, „Go to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.“ Her friends told her that the Rosslyn Chapel was a place of power that was standing on a crossing of leylines, and there were very powerful energies underneath it. So she went to Scotland, where she was met by a friend whom she knew through Theta Healing®. They went to the Rosslyn Chapel together, and Tamra went to the Seventh Plane of Existence and told Creator, „Here I am. I am ready for this activation now.“ Creator told her to go to the Sixth Plane, where the Laws of the Universe reside.

When she arrived at the Sixth Plane, she was met by a being she had never seen before. She asked him, „Who are you, and what are you doing here?“ He replied, „I am Lord Metatron, and I am here to assist you with this activation.“ (At that time, she had never heard the name Metatron.) Tamra said, „I’m ready to receive the activation.“ Lord Metatron kissed her on the forehead, and the Codes for the 12 Strand DNA and the Golden Seals came streaming into her energy field. Later she was told that only those who are going to give the activations to others receive the Golden Seals.

While she was in England, two other activations came through – the Moses Codes and the Avebury Stonehenge Activation. Tamra contacted her Theta Healing clients via her mailing list and asked whether they were interested to receive these new activations. They were, and she was able to witness the effects of the activations, which were sometimes quite dramatic. After a while, she traveled from England to Italy and Spain, where she visited sacred sites and received more activations. Thus the story of the Sacred Activations began …

What are Sacred Activations, and how do they work?

Sacred Activations are an amazing tool. They are incredibly powerful, and they can do just about anything – they ground, cleanse, align and protect your energy field, activate your DNA, release you from old patterns that no longer serve you through all lifetimes, through your genetics and the collective consciousness. They bring you into higher energies where you can see through the 3D illusion, align to your soul purpose, work with the Galactic Federation and do much more awesome things.

They also align and repair the Sacred Geometry patterns in your energy field, so that your field is better prepared to receive the accelerated, high frequency energies that are streaming to the Earth now from the Galactic Center, enabling you to flow more easily with the Earth changes.

The energy for the Activations always comes from Creator directly. As a practitioner, I only witness the activation running. This approach is also similar to ThetaHealing®. The activations then go through all lifetimes where limiting beliefs exist, as well as all genetic lines, to release you from these patterns and connect you with life-enhancing and helpful energies. At the end of an activation, you are always unplugged from the collective consciousness of the limiting beliefs (i.e. the consciousness of humanity as a whole with regard to these beliefs) and connected to the Christ Consciousness of Unconditional Love.

What Sacred Activations Can Do for You

You can shift every part of your life using Sacred Activations. Whether you are stuck in a difficult relationship or job situation, or have trouble trusting and opening your heart, whatever blocks are hindering you to live the most fulfilled life you are able to imagine (and even some things that are beyond your imagination at this time), they can be dissolved and the situation shifted to allow more love, more abundance, more awesomeness in your life.

When your limiting beliefs are very deep-seated, it might take a bit of time to shift them. I had a very intense process in my first year of working with Sacred Activations that involved my fear of being seen. It moved through various phases and had totally shifted by the end of the year. So it’s not exactly like waving a magic wand and everything that has been troubling you instantly disappears. Your stuff will come up big time! But that is good because then you can release it to make room for a much more loving and inspiring reality.

And there’s more …

When you have shifted the things that trouble you most, then the really exciting journey begins – you can begin to connect to your Galactic friends and family, to the nature devas, dragons, mermaids, dolphins and whales … to all of Creation. Yes, there are activations that help you do that! You will also be able to see through the illusions more and more, so you won’t take everything so seriously anymore. And you will be able to expand your consciousness into realms that you had not thought possible before.

Working with Sacred Activations is a great adventure! And it’s fun! 🙂  I  invite you to join me on this amazing journey!

How A Session UnfoLds

You talk about the situation in your life that you wish to change. Then I connect first to the Heart Centre of the Earth, and then to the 7th Plane, where Creator tells me which Activations are most beneficial for you at this time. I request these to run for you and witness them happening. Often I receive the Activations one by one, i.e. I only hear the next one when the previous one is completed. A session can last up to one hour. It’s better not to schedule important appointments afterwards, because you can get very sleepy and might need to take a nap.

You will also receive an audio file with the recording so that you can keep working with the activations at home.

After The Session: What You can Expect

The Sacred Activations are extremely powerful. Receiving the activations will release the deepest sabotaging beliefs and programs which have held you back. Immediately after receiving the activation, you may feel tired and might need to take a nap. After a couple of days, old feelings and beliefs usually start to come up as the activation begins to integrate. You might find that you revisit old anger, sadness or resentment at this time. The emotions coming up are the ones which were attached to the many belief systems that were shifted by the activation. As this process occurs, you may also experience physical clearing symptoms such as mild cold or flu symptoms. This is just the body’s way of processing the release.

This reaction is perfectly normal and absolutely nothing to be concerned about. It simply demonstrates the depth of the clearing and healing which has occurred. When the clearing is complete and the activations are fully integrated, your life will have shifted. It is, however, important for you to understand this process so you do not become alarmed. Full integration may take 6 weeks or longer per activation or set of activations. It is important during this time to ground yourself well, drink a lot of water, get the rest you need and allow the integration.