Testimonial for a Healing Event with Lais Stephan and Myself

The event Tuesday night, YES, I definitely would recommend it to all who I know be it clients, family, friends and other loving connections. I went so deep during the shamanic singing, I literally stepped right into a previous lifetime with Native American Indians where I saw myself dancing around a fire during a ceremony in the evening or night hand in hand with other white people who are in my life right now AND we were ALL celebrating and chanting happily away TOGETHER With with the Native American Indians. I saw the Shaman on his horse watching over us oh, what a beautiful sight and FEELING that was and still is.

A few years ago I had a soul retrieval session with my now friend but back then my Shamanic Healer, and I was EXACTLY in this very same place only back then I was the only white little girl about 3 years old with her eyes WIDE OPEN and totally black out feeling Petrified of being so very different even though I clearly saw myself sitting in the lap of a Native American Woman who lovingly was holding me. I am sure and certain that this is indeed my evidence that I am now CELEBRATING being so very special and unique and Yes, different.

I thank you both so very much for this wonderful experience which always is going to stay with me, and also something new for me happened as you were asking us whether we had anything we wanted to share…….well, I normally always speak up and share….but this time my body, heart and soul said STOP you are NOT ready to speak about this and I had to clear my program for Wednesday, and I then took the time required to assimilate and integrate all this ancient wisdom residing within hence you are only receiving it now as I am fully ready to share my powerfully healing experience which I was blessed with during your AMAZING event.

So a HUGE big than you to you both.