Working with Zarah has always been so profound for me. Being a healer myself I can feel the energies shifting as she is working with me. Be it the Sacred Activations or her beautiful voice channeling the light language and the sounds, they are so deep and powerful yet so gentle and kind not only helping to process the energies but also to integrate them with ease and grace. She is a great listener and is patient with the process guiding me gently into the energies and coaxing me with love to let go of what I have been holding on to.

She worked on me for the abdominal pain I have been experiencing and by using a combination of Sound, light language and Sacred Activations, she helped me to shift the fear, guilt and sadness that was buried deep with in my heart and body and also worked on my „need to carry the weight of the world alone“. the shifts were deep and the results were magical (for the lack of the better word) 🙂

Thank u Zarah for sharing your gifts with me so generously. Thank u so much 🙂 ❤

Haritha Reddy